Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac’s brother hired to help him create his triple personality

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The actor must go from Marc Spector to Steven Grant or Moon Knight in an instant in the series.

The next Marvel series, Moon Knightwill arrive on Disney+ on March 30, and its hero has a particularity: he must manage several personalities. Not just a powerless identity and its superhero alter-ego like Tony Stark/Iron Man, for example. Here, his civilian personality, Marc Spector, hides others, including Steven Grant and Moon Knight, and this is treated as a psychological disorder. He has memory loss and memories of other lives, which cause him pain on a daily basis. To move more easily from one personality to another on set, Oscar Isaac was able to team up with his own brother, journalist Michael Benjamin Hernandez, known as “Bro Dameron” on social networks.

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On the screen, we will not see the latter, since the editing will allow “to cheat” to show Oscar Isaac giving the line to himself, but his presence during rehearsals and shots (an idea of ​​the production) greatly helped the star of the show to slip into the skin of these different personalities. Here is what he explained during a press conference relayed by slashfilm : “He’s the closest person to me on earth. It helped me to have someone in front of me on set who was not only a good actor, but who also shares my DNA. Because I don’t hadn’t anticipated how demanding it would be for me to switch from one to the other…to come to the set deciding which character I was going to play first, then trying to ‘block’ it, to be able to give my notes to my brother, and then to shoot the scene, before we swap characters, and we move on like that. One of the most rewarding things in terms of acting is giving the to someone, to be able to be spontaneous, to see things come up that you didn’t expect. But there (if they hadn’t hired Michael), I wouldn’t have really had the opportunity to play like that, to feel natural. On the contrary, it felt like everything was planned. So yes, it was a big challenge.”

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