Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac’s dual identity at the heart of a featurette and new posters

Moon Knight - new posters

The new Marvel series for Disney+ will be released at the end of the month.

Moon Knight, the next series of the MCU, arrives on March 30 on the platform of the giant Disney. She sets the stage Steve Grant, played by Oscar Isaac. Employed in a museum shop, he is haunted by flashbacks of another life. Steven then discovers that he suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder and that he shares his body with the mercenary. Marc Spector. The enemies of Steve/Mark pour in, while he must navigate between his two personalities and extricate himself from the deadly mystery involving the mighty gods of Egypt.

Moon Knight: Oscar Isaac Vs. Ethan Hawke in an enticing first trailer

In this new featurette, the actors talk about the dissociation of identity and duality, which are at the heart of the series, as explained by Ethan Hawke, who plays Arthur Harrow. Indeed, the main protagonist bases his psychology on the theme of mental health and therefore on a double identity, which can be found on the 3 new posters. Each dressed in white, the different personalities of Steve Grant are portrayed: the hero Moon Knightthe enigmatic Mr Knight (in costume) and Marc Spector. Disney does not hesitate to highlight the main characteristic of the character: his TDI. Director Mohamed Diab adds that the story will first focus on Steve Grant, before switching to Marc Spector with whom he shares his body. The interpreter of Poe Dameron in the new Star Wars specifies that the plot will be unpredictable, and May Calamawy, who plays Laylaplaces this new series between fight club and IndianaJones.

Gaspard Ulliel, a posthumous role in the MCU and Moon Knight

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