Moon Knight should have had a love affair with Hawkeye’s Echo

Moon Knight Echo

The showrunner reveals that Maya was originally meant to appear in the Disney+ series.

If Layla El-Faouly holds her place perfectly alongside Marc and Steven in Moon Knightanother female Marvel figure was originally set to be the hero’s love interest in the new Disney+ series.

The producer and screenwriter Jeremy Slater, thus reveals, during the House of R podcastthat at the time, Echo was to be our female heroine. Because Marvel loved the character of Echo and was trying to find a show to put her in.” Maya Lopez actually has a romantic relationship with Marc Spector in the comics. “But it didn’t work at all with the story we were telling”says Slater.

And Marvel was on the same wavelength, and decided to change course, erasing Echo from Moon Knight to move it elsewhere in the MCU: “They told me they had this other show, Hawkeye, and they also had a feeling that Maya would fit in a lot better there… So we huffed and were like, Oh, thank God!”

Note that Maya / Echo, played Alaqua Cox, should soon have its own series. And it might never have happened if she had kept her place in Moon Knight !

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Another big change mentioned by the screenwriter of the series: Bushman, the mercenary mentioned in episode 5, was originally supposed to be the main villain of the series: “He was supposed to be the main villain and we imagined he’d be possessed by another Egyptian god at the end, and you’d have this big battle of avatars…” But Bushman would have been considered a character too similar to that of Killmonger, the enemy of Black Panther, by Marvel. Who would therefore have preferred Arthur Harrow, a minor character in the comics, to take his place in the role of “villain hand”.

Moon Knight will end this Wednesday, on Disney+.

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