Moon Knight: what is this hippo at the end of episode 4?

Moon Knight Marvel

A goddess from ancient Egypt, who could mark a new twist in the MCU.

Always crazier, always more hallucinated, the series Moon Knight reached a new milestone in episode 4, with the appearance of a giant hippopotamus disguised as a pharaoh… Spoilers alert!

While exploring the tomb of Alexander the Great, Marc Spector/Steven Grant and Layla came across a bone named Arthur Harrow, who did not hesitate to gun down the hero, deprived of his costume. Leaving in dreamlike abysses, Marc ended the episode on an improbable cliffhanger, crossing paths with a hippopotamus goddess! And no, it’s not Gloria from Madagascar.

It is actually Taouret (or Taweret), who is none other than the hippopotamus goddess of Egyptian mythology. She is part of the Ennead, a group of ancient Egyptian gods who have watched over humanity since the dawn of time. A group of nine deities bringing together all the forces present in the universe. Much like their cosmic counterpart, The Eternals, the Ennead had decided to go into hiding after humanity stopped believing in them. They chose not to intervene when Thanos wiped out half of the living creatures in the universe.

The Ennead does indeed exist in Marvel comics and we find the band led by Isis, Nut or even Khonshou in numbers of Thor, from 1974. But at no time does the comic book mention Taouret. So the Marvel Cinematic Universe is taking some liberty here from the original source material by introducing a whole new character, with this hippo talking about Moon Knightvoiced by Antonia Salib…

We don’t know exactly how yet, but his arrival in the series should therefore make it possible to include The Ennead in the MCU.

Following Moon Knight will be on view Wednesday on Disney +.

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