Moonfall: apocalyptic trailer for the new Roland Emmerich

Emmerich presents a feature film on the far side of the moon, portrayed by Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson and John Bradley.

“This planet has experienced five extinctions. It will be the sixth.” A mysterious force has propelled the Moon out of its orbit and precipitates it towards Earth. The impact will take place in a few weeks, involving the annihilation of all life on our planet. Jo Fowler (Halle berry), a former astronaut who works for NASA, is convinced that she has the solution to save us all, but only two people believe her: an astronaut she once knew, Brian Harper (Patrick wilson), and a conspiracy theorist, KC Houseman (John bradley). These three unlikely heroes will attempt an impossible mission in space … and discover that our Moon is not what we think it is. Boom!

After Independence Day, Godzilla, The day after Where 2012, Roland emmerich returns to cinema with its new disaster blockbuster Moonfall, and plans to crash the Moon onto Earth. The feature film, whose French release is dated February 9, 2022, was already revealed just two months ago in its first teaser. A new trailer has now been added to the film’s timeline, enough to prepare fans for the coming apocalypse:

Moonfall: Roland Emmerich will bring the Moon to Earth

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