Moonfall: discover the first 5 minutes of Roland Emmerich’s new disaster film

The director of Independence Day and 2012 will land the moon.

After a first teaser, then a trailer, Moonfall, Roland Emmerich’s new blockbuster, continues to roll out its enticing and effective promo. This time, we get straight to the opening scene of the film, which takes us straight into space with Patrick Wilson and Halle Berry debating the lyrics to Toto’s song “Africa”.

But, of course, it degenerates quickly: a mysterious dark matter comes to endanger our astronauts before going to crash on the Moon under the astonished gaze of Wilson. A phenomenon which will push the satellite to go crashing down on Earth! The two stars, who will be supported by John Bradley of Game Of Thrones, will they succeed in saving the world? Response in French theaters from February 9th.

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