Moonfall: the final trailer blows things up

Roland Emmerich’s new blockbuster promises to be explosive.

If in Don’t Look Up! the real enemy is human stupidity, not the comet heading straight for Earth, Moonfall takes us back to the good old recipes of disaster film. Here, the Moon threatens to crash into the blue planet, and it’s because of a mysterious alien entity eager to blow things up. Yes, we are at Roland Emmerich, not Adam McKay.

The final trailer for the film, just released, focuses a little more on the character played by John Bradley (Samwell Tarly from Game Of Thrones), a conspirator who understood that the Moon had left its orbit and exposed the lies of the government. But it’s too late, chaos is here, and it’s only Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson left to prevent the worst.

With its scenes of destruction à la 2012, interspersed with good big punchlines (“What’s the plan? Save the Moon. Save the Earth“) and a few touches of humor, Moonfall promises to be a pure Emmerich-style blockbuster, the first of the year 2022 which is threatened by the resurgence of the Covid epidemic. To be found in theaters from February 9th.

Moonfall: discover the first 5 minutes of Roland Emmerich’s new disaster film

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