Morbius: Jared Leto stayed in character, even for pee breaks

Jared Leto - Morbius
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Which could take 45 minutes! To go faster, he ended up swapping his crutches for a wheelchair.

During an interview for Uproxx, Daniel Espinosa (Life: origin unknown, Close security) returns to certain rumors concerning his film Morbius.

The director confirms that Jared Leto, fully into his role of Dr. Michael Morbius, remained in character even during pee breaks! To go to the WC, he used crutches and limped slowly, so that the round trips took too long: the article mentions up to 45 minutes… An agreement was therefore made with the actor so that he gets a wheelchair and can get someone to take him to the toilet more quickly. Espinosa Explain : ” In my opinion, what Jared believes is that he somehow needs the pain his character feels at the slightest movement. Even when he played the normal Michael Morbius, he portrayed him as someone who had had this pain all his life. As he himself is alive and strong, there must be a difference. That’s how it is, it’s people’s creative processes! »

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For him, each actor has his own way of immersing himself in the character he plays, and this is an integral part of filming, if not more: ” I think directors who don’t like actors get really frustrated with that. To me, it’s really mysterious, what they do. Almost all actors, in general, develop a certain reputation based on how well they work with their characters. I think they have all those character traits. If you want a completely normal person who only does things you understand, then you’re in the wrong business. Because what’s different is what makes them tick. It is very difficult to say: ‘I can take that part away and I’ll still get the same things from him.’ I do not do it. I am accommodating: ‘Hey, if you do this, we have to do this too.’ »

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As for the scenes that could seem missing, Espinosa explains that he had to readjust his film enormously according to Spider-Man: No Way Homeso that the two can stick together as much as possible: “ I think I work better if I have a lot of decision-making power. But, in these films, they are great films that a lot of people are interested in. It’s a different operation each time. »

The trailer of Morbiuscurrently in theaters:

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