Morbius: the director deciphers the post-generic scenes

Are Venom and Morbius in the same universe? Will you see the Sinister Six soon? Daniel Espinosa responds.

Morbius did not really convince us. That’s an understatement. And that goes for the rather confusing post-credits scenes that are meant to tease the sequel to “Sony’s Spider-Man Universe.” The film, released in France on Wednesday, will not arrive in the United States until Friday. But its director, Daniel Espinosa, deciphered its post-credits scenes as early as last week, and here’s what to remember.

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As understood in the film, Espinosa first confirms that “Morbius lives in the same universe as Venom. This is the universe that Venom leaves at the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and rejoins at the end of Spider-Man: No Way Home.“. The director also explains that there is “obviously“a Spider-Man in this universe. Which one?”To my knowledge the public will discover the answer soon“.

CinemaBlend then cuts to the question of Adrian Toomes, the Vulture of Spider-Man: Homecoming still played by Michael Keaton. Less present than expected in Morbius (scenes that we saw in the trailers were cut), the villain appears at the end of the film, free and dressed in a brand new costume.

At the end of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home, as well as during No Way Home, it is clearly established that it is possible for characters to cross from one multiverse to another. My events at the end of No Way Home had the effect of transferring Venom and the Vulture (and possibly others) from the MCU to the Venom universe.

So we see Toomes offer Morbius to join forces with him to fight Spider-Man. Sign that the famous Sinister Six will finally see the light of day? “Well, he’s recruiting teammates and he’s already won one over, so yeah it looks like it’s the start.”.

If we add Venom, Kraven the hunter (whose solo film will be released in 2023) and the other villains already seen in the cinema in Spider-Man (Dr. Octopus, the Green Goblin, Electro, etc.), the team of supervillains could be assembled quickly and come to annoy the Spinner in a next feature film (Spider Man 4 ?). After all, it is with this in mind that Sony started this series of films.

Daniel Espinosa, on the other hand, did not mention the future of Martine Bancroft, the love interest of Morbius played by Adria Arjona and who we see “resurrecting” at the end of the film. We should see her again, like in the comics, come back in the form of a vampire and maybe team up with her dear and tender Michael.

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