Morbius: the Vulture is invited in the final trailer!

Will Spider-Man also be in the film?

From the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: No Way Home with Venom, it is known that a cross between the member of the Avengers and the villains of the Sony’s Spider-Man Universe is imminent. Will he intervene as soon as Morbius, which will be released in France in a month (precisely March 30)? The final trailer for the film carried by Jared Leto Clearly open the door!

From the opening sequence, we hear and see the Vulture addressing Morbius. And he is still played by Michael Keaton, who took over the role 5 years later. Spider-Man: Homecoming ! As a reminder, in the first film featuring Tom Holland solo, Adrian Toomes was abandoned in a prison where Mac Gargan alias the Scoprion offered to kill the Weaver. Except that Toomes refused to reveal the secret of Peter Parker, who had saved his life after their fight.

The Vulture is therefore back, still incarcerated, and he will obviously serve as a guide to Morbius in his quest for identity while his friend Loxias Crown (Matt Smith), who suffers from the same the same disease as him, invites him to marry his bad guy destiny. So, will we see Spider-Man in the film? This new trailer is careful not to give us the answer, but with the many postponements that hit the production of the film, it is clearly possible that we find the Weaver at least in a post-credits scene.

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