Morbius went out to the cinema this weekend… and flopped again!

Jared Leto himself mocked his “It’s morbing time” line on social media, where the film is being “trolled”.

Morbius, the vampire film with Jared Leto derived from the Spider-Man saga is making a lot of noise at the moment on social networks. To the point of reaching the ears of the star, who had fun with the meme “It’s Morbing Time” during a video shared on the internet. Unfortunately for him, if he makes so much noise, it is not because he was adored by the public. On the contrary, with only 17% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoesthis blockbuster directed by Daniel Espinosa obtained the lowest score of the saga Spiderman extent, behind the 30% of Venom and the 58% of let there be carnage. On the other hand, its audience score exceeds 70%. How can such a discrepancy be explained? because he is a victim of “trolls”. Since its release, it has been mocked by the public. Many Internet users do not hesitate to give it a good note while posting exaggeratedly glowing reviews and / or claiming a sequel to Sony on Twitter, Instagram, etc., but in an ironic way. Smart guys have even imagined a “review” enthusiastic signed Martin Scorsese!

Martin Scorsese fan of Morbius? Tyrese Gibson was fooled by an April Fool’s joke

Did all these massively shared messages and deflected criticisms push the studio to come out in American theaters? Forbes guess so, because surprise!, this weekend, Morbius went from 83 theaters in the country to 1037. Sony therefore did well in the United States overall, but in the end it was other blockbusters that swept it all this weekend : showing respectively on 4751 and 3765 screens, Top Gun Maverick and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness earned an additional $25.2 and $2.7 million, with the former approaching $300 million in a fortnight and the latter earning $388 million domestically in just over a month. To the side, Morbius renews its flop by winning only 300,000 dollars spread over its 1037 rooms. Not enough to make up for its already disappointing American score: released on April 1 in the USA, the film raked in $39 million in its debut weekend, while it was showing in 4268 theaters. A decent start, then its revenue plummeted and it ultimately failed to double its start-up, recording a total of $73.3 million in revenue in North America. In the rest of the world, it brought in 90, which brings its total to 163.3 million. Not enough to announce an official sequel … for now?

Morbius is less entertaining than Venom [critique]

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