Morgan meets Madison in this new Fear the Walking Dead promo

Madison Fear the Walking Dead

A trailer for the season 7 finale – coming in 2 weeks – is already online. And it reveals a very promising face to face.

We are coming to the end of season 7 of fear the walking deadand the American channel AMC has unveiled a new promo, which announces a highly anticipated meeting: that between Morgan Jones and Madison Clark, a few months after the announcement of Kim Dickens’ return to the series!

This is the trailer for the finale – episode 16 – which will therefore be centered on the adventures of Rick’s old friend, who went back on the road solo with his daughter. We imagine that he will try to return to Alexandria (just to participate in the end of The Walking Dead, he who was there from the pilot alongside the sheriff). But obviously, his journey will be strewn with pitfalls, between the zombies prowling everywhere and the militias swarming, ready to execute him without any other form of trial…

Fortunately for him, Morgan will cross paths with Madison, Alicia’s mother, who was thought to have been dead for more than three years and mid-season 4… The meeting between two eras of fear. And judging by these first images, she has seriously changed, colder, harsher, more deadly. But how will she react when Morgan tells her that her daughter is still alive? That Strand is still alive? That Daniel and Luciana are still alive?

This final entitled “Gone” will be seen on Monday June 6 in France, on Canal +. Until then, season 7 of fear the walking dead will continue next week with episode 15, which should mark the last chapter of the battle of the Tower… between Strand and Alicia precisely!

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