Mr and Mrs Smith: Not so sexy? [critique]

  Mr and Mrs Smith: Not so sexy? [critique]
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In 2015, Première was bored in front of the action comedy with Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

The Smiths are struggling. Madame only thinks about matching the cushions to the double curtains while Monsieur is cheating on Madame, who, let us remember, is Angelina Jolie – that is to say if the case is hopeless. But their double life does not end there. Under their covers of Mr. and Mrs. Everyone hide hired killers ignorant of the activity of the other. The day they discover the pot aux roses, Jane and John have no other choice but to eliminate each other. Nothing like it to boost a libido …

W9 rebroadcast Mr & Mrs Smith, this Sunday. The movie Doug Liman, who saw the birth of romance between Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt, had oddly left Première quite cold when it was released in 2005, as this review proves. However, this production full of action scenes has since made the happiness of the small screen!

Mr & Mrs Smith: love at first sight of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in pictures

Take two hot actors and put high-tech phallic artillery in their hands to make them even more deadly sexy. Add a hot director who just proved himself in the action flick (The memory in the skin). Mix with the script-doctor (which hadn’t taken care of much) of Charlie’s Angels – Angels go wild and D’Elektra. Shake up with the master’s thesis he made as a tribute to Hong Kong action movies. Result: two bombs in a timed film to explode at regular intervals = everything (or almost) goes up in smoke. Suppose the first part, halfway between The War of the Roses and Honor of the Prizzi, skillfully plays on the shift of an extraordinary couple plunged into the ordinary (even if Angelina Jolie is not Kathleen Turner, for lack of humor, and even if Brad Pitt is neither Michael Douglas nor Jack Nicholson … needless to say why). Let’s face it, the minivan chase scene and the finale at Ikea are worth their weight in pyrotechnics dollars. So why do we spend three-quarters of the film wondering which Brad or Angelina has the fullest lips and the most protruding dimples? Because we are bored and Brad and Angelina, mono-expressive, less sex than machine, return an identical image. If the Terminator gangs, who can it turn on?

Angelina Jolie: “It’s good to fight again”

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