Mr Corman canceled on Apple TV +, no season 2

Mr Corman

The existential tale of Joseph Gordon-Levitt is therefore a “whole” in ten episodes.

He has ended his existential crisis. Mr Corman will not return to Apple TV +. The social drama of and with Joseph Gordon-Levitt has just been officially canceled by the streaming platform. “The Big Picture”, broadcast these days, will therefore serve as the final series.

Gordon-Levitt, who plays a Los Angeles public school teacher with disillusioned dreams after he gave up on a promising music career, posted a message, hinting that Mr Corman had to end like this anyway. “Finally, you can watch the entire series“he wrote on Instagram, the day of the release of the last episode.

In all cases, Mr Corman will not return for a season 2 and it is only the second series to be officially stopped by Apple TV +, after Little voice this summer. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, him, continues his collaboration with the platform, since he is the producer and the vocal cast of the animated series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory.

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