Mr. Corman with Joseph Gordon-Levitt: A Melancholy Thirties Exploration [critique]

Mr. Corman
Apple TV +

A 100% JGL series, which puts on its finest Droopy costume

It really is “his” series. At the same time creator, producer and director, but also principal actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt put all his being in Mr. Corman. And it shows. In this shitty new drama for the Apple platform, he plays a promising former musician, who dreamed of a rock star life with his fiancée, but who finally lost his illusions to become a fourth grade teacher. Of course, he adores his students, but now single without envy, he has a hard time finding happiness and giving new meaning to his life …

We’re not going to bring out the party favors right away. JGL was clearly not in the mood for clowning when he imagined his Mr. Corman. But he did manage to fashion a strange exploration of adult life that was darkly fun and deeply sincere. A story of sullen thirties that shines with its touching gloom and an unfiltered incarnation of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a bit like what Jim Carrey had managed to do in Kidding. From sadness is born a form of melancholy beauty, with an almost enveloping torpor. Enlightened, it is true, by a parade of bright supporting roles, from Debra Winger (the mother) to Juno Temple (the ex) via Shannon Woodward (the sister). Like rays of the sun that prevent Mr. Corman, both the man and the series, to sink into total bitterness.

Mr. Corman, available on Apple TV +

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