Mr Wolff: a short action thriller with a great Ben Affleck


Here is a Ben Affleck movie that we did not expect, but that we would be wrong to ignore: with the body cut out for Batman and his eyes always haggard, Mr. Wolff is one of his best roles.

Released in 2016 at the cinema, Mr Wolff had conquered First. Notice to night owls, he will return to television tonight, from 11:25 p.m. on France 3.

A gifted man who leads a double life that is as boring by day as it is unusual by night and hides a crazy stock of weapons in a trailer at the back of a garage: Mr Wolff looks like the poor relation of Batman. But the movie of Gavin O’Connor exploits their common characteristics so well that Gotham’s vigilante seems to have been just a warm-up for this role of autistic accountant, whose analytical intelligence is matched only by murderous animal power.

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Filmed by a filmmaker who already made the muscular physique of his actors (Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton) the main subject of Warriorthe body of Ben Affleck has never been so impressive or so well showcased than in this little action thriller, to the point of becoming an object of fascination. In addition to his Batman training, Affleck learned a very special martial art for this film which only unleashes its violence with great choreographic precision: Penjtak Silat, practiced in particular in The Raid.

This might seem paradoxical since the specificity of this character is above all cerebral – Wolff suffers from a form of autism which makes him a social misfit but above all a gifted, a mathematical genius who has become a star accountant for various criminal organizations ( this is where his over-training comes in handy). But there again, Mr Wolff seems to have been tailor-made for the minimalist game of Affleck, whose dull eye that he lugs around in almost all of his filmography here takes on another dimension, a real element ofacting acting not devoid of a certain grace. Whether he’s executing an enemy, smashing another with martial arts, repainting the windows with mathematical formulas or fighting against his nature to timidly establish a romantic relationship, his mixture of brutality and impassivity works wonders.

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