Murder Mystery, starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, will have a sequel

It will be shot in Paris and the Caribbean by Jeremy Garelick, the screenwriter of La Rupture.

Released in spring 2020, Murder Mystery, a comedy with Adam sandler and Jennifer aniston (but also Dany Boon, Gemma Arterton, Terence Stamp and Luke Evans) was seen by more than 30 million people on the weekend of its release, so much so that the platform immediately announced a sequel. It has just been formalized, reports Deadline. The flagship duo will return in this sequel, which will still be written by James Vanderbilt (the screenwriter of the upcoming Scream), but now directed by Jeremy Garelick, known for writing Breaking, another comedy worn by Jennifer Aniston, in 2006. He also directed Witness for rent, with Kevin Hart, Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco (2015) and The Binge, with Vince Vaughn (not yet dated in France). Murder Mystery 2 should be shot in Paris, as well as in the Caribbean, specifies the article, which does not yet give a pitch, nor of shooting dates.

Murder Mystery: Netflix comedy starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston breaks audience records

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