Muriel Robin talks about her career and her projects at Séries Mania

Muriel robin

The icon of the French scene came to talk about his television career and his dramatic roles, which contrast so strongly with his other life as a comedian.

“I cry a lot in my films. It’s kind of my signature”. In the tone of humor, with a lot of self-mockery, but also an obvious truth and sincerity, Muriel robin confided to the festival-goers of Series Mania about her career as a television actress. Asked by her friend Claire Chazal, in front of a packed and often hilarious room, the interpreter of Marie Besnard or Jacqueline Sauvage gave himself up without filter on his choices, guided by one and the same ambition:

“I don’t see myself shooting something that wouldn’t be useful, something that has no background, that has nothing to contribute to people. It’s the subject that makes me happy, every time I choose a project. “

Even if it means investing in dark and painful fictions, like the TV movie in two parts of 2018: Jacqueline Sauvage: It was him or me. The actress recognizes that “the shooting was difficult, really. As soon as Yves Rénier said ‘Cut!’ there were tears. It was freezing. Because we were touching a certain reality. The blows, I took them. When Olivier Marchal dragged me on the carpet, my knees were really burnt. And since I experienced something like that personally, it spoke to me terribly.

Dramatic roles that forged his career on the small screen, in total contrast to his image of crazy humorist, on the boards. A score that she never really had the opportunity to play in front of a camera. And with hindsight, Muriel robin admits having this regret, that of never having carried a comedy to the cinema. It will therefore be her next big project, a film that she is already writing and that she says she plans to direct herself, after a first conclusive experience on I love you hairstyle, audience card at the end of 2020 on TF1.

In the meantime, she is preparing her return on stage. It will be for October 2022, at the Michodière theater, she announced to the audience of Séries Mania. And we understood from her meeting with the public of the Lille festival, dedicated this year to stand-up in all these forms, that she was not going to suddenly embark on the exercise.

“No, I don’t really know this new generation of those who do stand-up. But also because the scene, I didn’t especially want to do it at the start. It was a meeting with Pierre Palmade that made me I went on stage to do shows. What I wanted to do was cinema! So no, I don’t know these new talents at all … It must be said that in my time, we were much less Today, stand-up makes this job much more accessible. But I don’t feel like I’m doing the same job. I like the theatrical, the acting, and less the valve for the valve. I’ve always been more about playing characters, a bit like what Sylvie Jolie did, who was the first to do that. Me, what I like is telling a story …

Completing her reflection on stand-up, with that biting humor that characterizes her, Muriel robin abstract : “Just because you’re funny at the table at the end of the meal doesn’t mean you have to feel obligated to go on stage! “

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