Mutafukaz is a huge visual delight [critique]

This film production by the Ankama studio (Dofus, Princess Dragon) is a real animation success.

In a sprawling, imaginary California town, a mutant pizza delivery man is hunted down by ultra-violent Men in Black. Diving into the visual universe of Mutafukaz, animated film adapted from a comic strip and produced by the French company Ankama (Dofus) is a certain pleasure: animated in the old fashioned way by a band of Japanese animators and designers with glorious CVs, this rereading ofAkira (precisely, the co-director Shoujirou Nishimi was animator on the Otomo classic) in street trash version is a very nice visual treat. The decor of Dark Meat City, a West Coast-flavoured cyberpunk delirium, is a real creation, dirty and lively, a worthy heir to Otomo’s Neo-Tokyo. An enormous decorative pleasure that compensates for the flatly explanatory and bold dialogues, and the terribly expeditious treatment of the female characters – well, from the only female character reduced to a hypersexualized McGuffin.

Trailer of Mutafukaz, to (re) see this evening on France 4:

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