My boy: Guillaume Canet on the hunt [critique]

The eclectic Christian Carion signs an effective genre film with Guillaume Canet in commando mode.

Released in September 2017 at the cinema, My boy will be rebroadcast this Sunday on W9, the channel thus continuing its cycle devoted to Guillaume Canet. As an actor, this time. Here’s our review of this Christian Carion thriller, which has since been remade in English with James McAvoy.

Christian Carion is not strictly speaking the craziest director in France. The consensus A swallow made the spring, Merry Christmas, In May, do what you like rather placed it in the cushy category of diligent students who recite their traveling and panning shots from the textbook. The Farewell Affair -already with the faithful Guillaume Canet- had nevertheless hinted at an appetite for the gray and suffocating atmospheres associated with genre films including My boy is a much more convincing example.

styling exercise

Behind its misleading nice title, the last Carion is indeed a pure exercise in style in which Canet plays Julien, a father devastated by the disappearance of his son, probably kidnapped, whom he will do everything to find. Kind of acting a bit sophisticated, My boy don’t bother too much with psychology, we are just entitled to a very beautiful scene between Julien and his ex-wife (Mélanie Laurent, excellent) during which we understand that he was not the ideal father. The mystery around his professional activities, his sense of tracking are enough to establish specific skills that will serve him in his obsessive hunt, filmed with a handheld camera in a mountainous area whose threatening character is perfectly exploited by Carion and his chief op ‘ . Their in-space and off-screen work culminates in a nerve-wracking final act. Mission accomplished.

Guillaume Canet: “I don’t make films to break my image”

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