Mythic Quest: what the end of season 2 could mean for season 3

Mythic Ques

Broadcast in recent days on Apple TV +, the last episode of season 2 opens the door to a great upheaval of the series, assumed by Rob McElhenney.

Although it was less surprising and less exciting than the first, season 2 of Mythic Quest proved that the comedy of Rob McElhenney was always a safe bet from Apple TV +. But what could happen in a season 3, after this finale which shattered everything? Attention spoilers!

Mythic Quest: “With season 2, we wanted to leave COVID behind” [exclu]

Indeed, in the last episode, Ian and Poppy announced their intention to give up altogether. Mythic Quest and its DLC, to move on to a brand new game. Obviously, this should reshuffle the cards for the future.

“I don’t know yet what we’re going to do“, recently told us the creator.”But what I do know is that we always try to do unexpected things. And precisely, we said to ourselves that the scariest thing, the craziest thing to do, when you’re at the helm of a series that works well, that people love, that the public loves … is to blow it all up! “

Indeed, what would give Mythic Quest without Mythic Quest ? It is a bit of the challenge that he launched himself. “We’re breaking the codes. We change the rules and then we have to take up this challenge. And that’s what we’re going to do with season 3 “, have fun Rob McElhenney for Première, admitting that “could even possibly mean a name change for the series! “

We’re not there yet. But one thing is certain, Ian and Poppy may not take the plunge anytime soon. No love story seems in the sights for the two according to Charlotte nicdao : “Por me, they are best friends and they love to titillate. I understand why the fans want to see them together. But for me, it’s a platonic relationship. It’s something that is more original to explore, because we don’t just settle for romance …

Note that for now, season 3 of Mythic Quest has not been officially ordered.

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