Natalie Portman challenges Chris Hemsworth with her own Thor: Love & Thunder poster

Natalie Portman challenges Chris Hemsworth with her own Thor: Love & Thunder poster

Jane Foster wields Mjölnir and teases that Thor won’t be “the one and only” God of Thunder.

Shortly after the posting of the teaser long awaited from Thor: Love & ThunderMarvel continues its promotion through its stars directly. Chris Hemsworth posted the first poster from the film whose teaser said: “The One and only””The one and only” on Instagram? Never mind, his partner Natalie Portman shares her own posterwhich uses the same model but with Jane Foster as the heroine, proudly brandishing Mjölnir and claiming that “The one is not the only”which can be translated as “the one/the chosen, is not unique”.

Natalie Portman confirms she will have superpowers in Thor: Love and Thunder

A clever teaser of this sequel, still directed by Taika Waititi, which will obviously see Jane Foster become the new Thor. A female version of the Norse God already exists in the comics The Mighty Thor, by Jason Aaron, where the human who cracked Odin’s son manages to heal from cancer and in turn becomes the worthy owner of Mjölnir. The hammer thus gives him the same powers as his male counterpart: more strength, the ability to fly through the air with him, to create lightning or to fight with it.

It’s a big blow for Marvel, which brings Natalie Portman, a very popular actress with the public, back to its superheroic saga. Absent from Thor: Ragnarok (2017) after two opuses in the skin of the “love interests” of the hero embodied by Chris Hemsworth since 2011, she was barely glimpsed in Avengers: Endgame (2019)but it will obviously play a crucial role in Love and Thunder. The actress had also revealed in 2020 that she would in turn have powers in this blockbuster. “She has powers, but it’s not exactly the same as Thor, she explained at the time. It’s his own version. I think people usually say this performance is great for girls, but it’s really important for boys too. For boys, seeing women playing these kind of characters, with these kind of personalities, gives the possibility to change the way we see each other.”

To see Natalie Portman in turn obtain the powers of Thor, you will have to wait until July 13. Before that, Marvel will release another blockbuster, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, may’s beginning. Its trailer is hereand the one at Love and Thunder is here :

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