Nathalie Baye learns Haute Couture from Lyna Khoudri [bande-annonce]

“What you are learning is a job, a job that you can pass on. That’s the real wealth!”

As Fashion Week is in full swing in Paris this week, Sylvie Ohayon unveils the trailer for her new feature film Haute couture, with Nathalie Baye, Lyna Khoudri and Pascale Arbillot at the head of the bill. This film, second after the revelation of Papa was not a Rolling Stone in 2014, presents the relationship of trust that develops between two women, “for the gesture, for the beauty of the gesture.”

In Haute couture, Nathalie Baye becomes Esther, first studio at Maison Dior. She participated in her last Haute Couture collection before retiring. One day, her bag is stolen in the metro by Jade (Lyna khoudri), a young 20-year-old woman who, feeling remorseful, decides to return it to her. Seduced in spite of herself by the young girl’s daring and convinced that she has a gift, Esther offers her the chance to join the Maison Dior workshops as an apprentice. The opportunity to pass on to Jade a profession that has always been practiced for the beauty of the gesture.

Haute couture, to be discovered at the cinema from November 10.

Haute Couture - Poster
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