Neill Blomkamp talks about District 10: “It’s progressing well”

The director assures that he found the good idea “in American history” to continue his story of SF.

Almost twelve years after the release, and the great success, of District 9, Neill Blomkamp assured last February that he was writing his sequel with his main actor, Sharlto Copley, and his wife Terri Tatchell. Today, he says a little more about its content fromIGN. Without detailing the plot, he explains that after being inspired by Apartheid, in South Africa, it is now an episode of “American history” which made him want to continue the adventure. Or rather the misadventures of his aliens.

Neill Blomkamp announces District 10, the sequel to District 9

“We continue to write the script, assures the director. It looks good. It took us ten years to find a good reason to continue, not just for the sake of making a sequel. There is a subject of American history … the second I thought about it, I realized it fit perfectly into the world of District 9, I felt that would be a great starting point for the sequel. So yes, we continue to develop that, and it is progressing well. “

To be patient, the director will be released soon horror movie, Demonic, of which he has just unveiled the trailer:

Neill Blomkamp buries his aborted Alien 5 again

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