Neill Blomkamp thinks Ridley Scott took Alien 5 from him because of Chappie

“It’s possible he saw it and thought, ‘This guy can’t make an Alien …'”

Before turn District 10, Neill Blomkamp filmed a low budget horror movie, Demonic, and on this occasion he delivered himself to The Guardian on her tops, and her “flops”. He explains that he is always proud of Chappie, which brought in only $ 100 million worldwide, including 31.5 million in the United States, in 2015, when it had cost about fifty without counting its advertising. Two years before, Elysium won 286 million greenbacks on the planet, and in 2009, District 9 brought in 210, for only 30 million of the official budget.

Neill Blomkamp announces District 10, the sequel to District 9

“When you take risks, explains the sur-African filmmaker, you have to be prepared for the backlash because you won’t always succeed. This is exactly what happened with this film. It doesn’t change my opinion of him and I understand the audience, I see what the issues are. When you get it right, in your opinion, but the audience turns their backs on you, then you ask yourself lots of questions, you wonder why you are making films. It puzzles you. ” He then details that Chappie was obviously “not for Ridley Scott”, who had offered to shoot a suite ofAlien in February 2015, before retracting in October, shortly after the release of his robot films. “It’s possible he saw it and thought, ‘This guy can’t do a Alien, so we’ll move on without him, regrets Blomkamp, ​​who specifies that he never had a clear explanation from the director of the first part. I feel bad for Sigourney (Weaver, the main actress of the saga, who should have returned in her Alien 5, editor’s note), because she had really immersed herself in this project. I also feel bad for the audience, for everyone who loved it Aliens (the second opus directed by James Cameron, from which his aborted film was inspired). We had the opportunity to make one more film with Sigourney who would have, I think, stuck with what the fans expect, and with what I am looking for in a film. Alien. “

Neill Blomkamp releases new concept art from his aborted Alien 5

Neill Blomkamp then adds that the films declined from big franchises, it is finished for him, unless a big crush for a scenario. Because Alien 5 is not the only project he worked on for many months before seeing the studio (in this case 20th Century Fox) abandon him. It has also been attached to the adaptation of the games Halo, developed a time for cinema by Universal and Fox, and a new Robocop, finally done without him at Columbia: “It’s not all white or all black, if ever someone offers me something incredible that fits well, I won’t say no … but hey, afterwards Alien and Halo, I wouldn’t be very wise to get back (on existing property). “

Halo is finally developed in series at Paramount and Ridley Scott took over the controls ofAlien for the prequels Prometheus and Covenant, before him too decline his universe in TV series, which is being created by Noah Hawley (Legion, Fargo…). Neill Blomkamp is ultimately not involved in either of these two projects.

Here is the trailer for Demonic :

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