Netflix Finally Reveals Top Boy Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

top boy

The second season of Top Boy, produced by Drake, will be released on March 18 on Netflix.

The American platform has confirmed the arrival of the second season of top boy, on March 18. Or rather his fourth? Let’s rewind: the first two were commissioned by Channel 4 in 2011, then taken over by Netflix, which then renamed them Top Boy Summerhousebefore releasing a 3rd season, 8 years later, under the title of top boy. It is therefore this new series which will continue in the spring on the platform, two years after the broadcast of its season 1, because like many film and series projects, this sequel has been delayed by the Covid crisis.

In the cast, we find Ashley Walters (Dushanbe), Kane Robinson (Sully), Michael Ward (Jamie) and rapper Little Simz (Shelley). The previous episodes tell of Dushane’s return from Walters to London, with the desire to regain his title of baron on the drug market. He teams up with his spiritual brother, Sully de Robinson, to face Jamie de Ward, a young gang leader who has taken their place, taking advantage of their exile in prison.

If no plot has been announced, the 10 upcoming episodes should be able to answer many questions, in particular on the plot twist of the two drug addicts Sarah and Lee, who turn out to be undercover agents…

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