Netflix is ​​already announcing Season 6 of Elite!

Elite season 4 Netflix
Elite Netflix

And also three new “Short Stories” which will be devoted to Phillipe, Caye, & Felipe, to Samuel & Omar and finally to Patrick.

It is not yet known when season 5 ofElite (in 2022). But we already know that it will not be the last! The Spanish teen drama will indeed continue with a season 6 (in 2023), officially ordered by Netflix today.

An early order which should allow the production to quickly link the two shootings and therefore to offer season 6 shortly after season 5.

Above all, this renewal allows Netflix to announce in passing the release of three new short films Elite, ahead of season 5. Three “Short Stories“which will be dedicated to Phillipe, Caye, & Felipe (December 15), Samuel & Omar (December 20) and finally to Patrick (December 23).

Short stories in the vein of those centered on Guzman, Nadia or Carla and broadcast last June … a few days before the launch of season 4. This could therefore suggest a release of season 5 ofElite in the wake, possibly from the very beginning of the year 2022 … We are now only waiting for the official date.

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