Netflix is ​​releasing its first 5 video games today, free for subscribers

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Netflix video games

Mobile games at no additional cost, including two Stranger Things titles!

You can now play on Netflix ! In order to optimize its service and stand out a little more from the competition, the world leader in streaming has just released its first home video games online in France and around the world. The Californian group has been developing this new section for months, which now materializes with 5 mobile games, accessible on subscribers’ Android devices, at no additional cost. Anyone with an account Netflix can access these titles as part of his subscription and each user of this account too.

Concretely, we will be able to play Stranger Things: 1984, a mobile title released in 2017 – before the second season – and which is a retro-style beat-em-up. Stranger Things 3: The Game, another beat-em-up. There will also be Shooting Hoops, which is a mobile basketball shooting game. Card blast is a classic card game. And Teeter (Up) invites players to tilt platforms to get a ball into a hole.

“We love games, whether it’s physical (Floor Is Lava), strategy (The Circle Game), or both (Squid Game). And what we love most of all is entertaining our subscribers. C this is why we are happy to launch, worldwide, a first series of netflix games on smartphones and tablets “, comment Netflix in his press release, what precise wish “build a library of games that meets the desires of each and every one of you. This is the start of a great gaming experience for us, and we are delighted to share this adventure with you! “

Concretely, there are no ads, no additional costs, no in-app purchases. Subscribers can play on multiple mobile devices with one account and are not available on child accounts. Some of these games require an internet connection but others are available offline. Note that only Android devices have access to it for the moment. Subscribers watching via iOS will still have to wait.

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