Netflix is ​​preparing a fictional film about The Tinder Scammer

The documentary from the producers of Don’t F*** With Cats is a hit on the platform.

Released on Netflix in early February, The Tinder Scammer is already in the top 10 of the biggest hits of the moment. This 114-minute documentary tells how an Israeli scammed several Swedish women by posing as the son of a wealthy diamond dealer, Lev Leveiev. Better not to say more so as not to spoil the contents of the docu, but it’s a completely crazy new true story, produced by the same team as for Don’t F*** With Cats, Raw TV and AGC Studio, who again hired director Felicity Morris. And soon it will certainly be a fictional film, reveals variety, who explains that discussions are underway with these same studios to adapt this documentary into a feature film. No actor has been cast for the moment, the project being only in the state of“early talks”.

The Kings of the scam: when reality exceeds fiction [critique]

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