Netflix is ​​suspended in Russia

Winter On Fire: Ukraine's Fight for Freedom

The invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s army also has cultural consequences for the country.

Learning that Vladimir Putin had ordered the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, several companies decided to stop their bellies with the country, such as Microsoft or Dell. Netflix first announced pause the filming of its local productionsbefore simply stopping the distribution of its service in Russia, reveals variety relaying their press release in English. “Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia”justifies the group, which is the first major streaming site to make this decision, but not the first company in the field of cinema: to oppose the political decisions of the Russian leader, Disney has for example decided not to release Red alertthe new Pixar, in the country and Warner Bros has done the same with The Batman.

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The article specifies that Netflix has approximately 1 million subscribers in Russia (for 144 million inhabitants), which is quite low for this service, which today has 222 million worldwide. This is explained by the late launch of the service (in 2016), but also by the intensive downloading there. The company has also indicated that it is making the documentary available online for free. Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom, which follows student protests in Ukraine for freedom. Filmed in 2014, it has been available on Netflix since 2015, and was uploaded to the firm’s YouTube page on March 5, 2022:

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