Netflix negotiates to resume Manifest after series cancellation

Manifest season 3

What if season 4 was streamed?

Totally disillusioned at the start of the week when he learned of the cancellation of Manifest by the American channel NBC, the creator Jeff Rake may have found a smile! Indeed, according to Deadline, Netflix would be in the running to integrate flight 828 into its fleet of series.

The streaming giant is currently in talks with studio Warner Bros. TV behind Manifest, to resume the mystery drama and produce season 4.

It must be said that the first two seasons have joined the catalog in recent days and have made a big splash, rising to the first place of the top Netflix in the United States currently, ahead of Lupine or Sweet tooth. The streamer “assesses viability and finances“of the possible continuation of the series writes Deadline.

So there is still hope to have the answers to the riddles of flight 828, that Jeff Rake had planned to train for six seasons … Exactly, six seasons, that’s the number that will reach Lucifer at the end of the year, thanks to Netflix, which had saved the diabolical drama from limbo after its cancellation by Fox in 2018 …

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