Netflix presents Ed, ahead of Cowboy Bebop season 2

Ed |  Cowboy Bebop

Her young performer speaks: “She’s an incredible character and I really identify with her …”

It is the great absence of this first season of Cowboy Bebop on Netflix. But no doubt, Ed will be there if season 2 is ordered.

Appeared in the very last scene in front of Spike Spiegel, the flesh-and-blood version of the hacker is entitled to a long official presentation video, uploaded by the streamer this weekend. We hear the young actress Eden Perkins explain how it was a pleasure to bring the character to life, even for a few moments:

“When I finally got to be on set, it was amazing. It was just done on a shooting night… The sets are so, so cool and at night it’s like a whole different atmosphere (. ..) She’s an amazing character and I really identify with her, actually … “, comments Perkins, only 13.

In any case, putting this video online is clearly one more step towards ordering a season 2 of Cowboy Bebop by Netflix.

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