Netflix reveals its audiences and its biggest hits in movies and series


Ted Sarandos played transparency yesterday in Los Angeles at a conference. So who is the historical number 1 in the Netflix rankings?

Not easy to know who are the exact and real audiences of series and films Netflix. The streamer himself gives his numbers and rankings. But Ted Sarandos, co-CEO and director of content at Netflix, promised yesterday at a big conference in Los Angeles, that the group was trying to be “more transparent with talent, with the marketEven though he admits that the Netflix streaming data looks like “a big black box basically …”

Nevertheless, the platform knows roughly how its original shows and films perform, through two metrics:: the number of accounts or households having watched a given title during the first 28 days post-release (at least 2 minutes of viewing for to be taken into account). The other compiles the total cumulative viewing time of a series or movie, in hours, during that 28-day window.

Race result: it is The Bridgertons Chronicle which is officially the # 1 series in Netflix history. The most viewed show by subscribers around the world. In front of the French series Lupine and The Witcher (if we take the number of households) or in front of season 4 of La Casa de Papel and season 3 of Stranger Things (if we take the number of cumulative hours).

Ted Sarandos specifies that this ranking is possibly doomed to move in the very short term, as Squid Game has exploded the scores for a few days. The Korean survival drama is on its way to becoming the most popular Netflix series of all time! “We didn’t see it coming …” recognizes the boss of the platform.

On the film side, the ranking is more obvious. It is more or less the same depending on the two data used: Bird Box and Tyler rake are clearly the streamer’s biggest hits.

Ranking of Netflix films and series, based on households having watched at least 2 minutes (in millions):

Netflix Household Ranking First 28 days post-release
Netflix via Variety

Ranking of Netflix movies and series, based on total cumulative viewing time (in hours):

Netflix Ranking Total cumulative time of watching a series or movie, in hours
Netflix via Variety

How to interpret this data remains to be seen. How to use them? To decide on the creations to come? Not so much, says Sarandos, who concedes that you have to handle all this data sparingly because “reverse-engineering a story doesn’t really workt. “In any case, this allows the group leading the market to position itself against the competition, that of Disney and WarnerMedia in particular. Of course, Ted Sarandos ensures that Netflix has”something to be confident about “ as to the future. Even if he concedes that it is necessary “Take them seriously… I don’t want to underestimate any of them – because they underestimated us all back then.”

Finally, the content director reaffirmed Netflix’s strategic line: movies and series en masse, but no sport! Unlike Amazon, which is entering this extremely expensive market (Ligue 1 in France, US Football in the USA, etc.) Netflix is ​​not interested in sports rights claiming that “the next $ 10 billion annually in content spending will be better invested in series and films. “

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