Netflix to turn heartwarming true story into film

A new feel-good film is in preparation, about two foreigners gathered for the end of the year celebrations.

Netflix has a knack for offering great films Teddy at the time of the end of year celebrations. And if new rom-coms and other Christmas stories are added to the platform’s calendar every year, it will soon be the movie. The Thanksgiving Text which will be added to the Netflix programs, with a plot inspired by a true story.

It is indeed about the improbable meeting between the Americans Jamal Hinton and Wanda Dench which will be brought to the screen, one in terminal when they meet, while the other is a grandmother. Reunited through a text message sent to the wrong number, in which Wanda invited her grandson to dinner, the two strangers started talking, Jamal asking if, despite the wrong number, he could still come to the meal. . Wanda accepts her role as a grandmother, which is “to feed everyone”. It is the birth of a rather improbable friendship. Since then, friends have come together every year to share the traditional turkey. 2021 marked their sixth meeting, accompanied by a selfie for fans who have followed the duo from the start.

In parallel with this annual meeting, Jamal and Wanda announced on social networks that a third thief was added to their team: the Netflix platform. As reported Variety, the streaming giant plans to adapt their story in film, with a script signed Abdul williams. For the moment, no director has been announced for the project.

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