Netflix unveils trailer Without respite, the remake of Hard Day with Franck Gastambide

This Korean thriller was directed by Kim Seong-hoon (Tunnel, Kingdom). Its French version will be visible at the end of the month.

Before being hired by Netflix to direct the zombie series Kingdom, Kim Seong-hun had staged Hard Dayin 2014. A thriller full of twists and turns, which definitely caught the eye of the platform’s producers, who will soon be broadcasting its French remake, Tirelessly. Its trailer has just dropped, and the film promises to be as breathtaking as its elder.

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Franck Gastambide plays a police lieutenant under investigation for corruption. One night, he accidentally kills a stranger and decides to bury him in the coffin of his mother, who has just died. But he quickly realizes that this will not be enough to get him out of trouble…
Tirelessly is the first feature film by Régis Blondeau, known for his work as a director of photography, notably for PEF (he was his cinematographer on King Guillaume, Les Profs, Gaston Lagaffe…) or Kad and O (he worked on the Pamela Rose, A Ticket to Space, Mister Daddy…). The film will be released on Netflix on February 25.

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