Netflix wants to produce Christopher Nolan’s next film

“He’s an incredible filmmaker. I’ll do whatever I can to get him.”

Variety publishes this week a long portrait of Scott Stuber, at the head of the cinema branch of Netflix, who looks back on the expansion of streaming, which he considers to be a “revolution in the film business”. Referring among other things to the agreement between Amblin, the production company of Steven Spielberg, to produce films for the platform, the businessman explains that he intends to continue to attract world-renowned filmmakers to shoot their next feature films at home. After Martin Scorsese (The irishman), Alfonso Cuaron (Roma) or David Fincher (who signed a four-year contract with the group, and notably filmed there Mank), the firm is now courting Christopher Nolan.

“When he prepares his new film, we’ll see if we can do it at home and what we should do to make it possible, Stuber says. He’s an incredible filmmaker. I’ll do whatever I can to get it. In this business, I learned that you shouldn’t have an ego. So I take hits, but I get up. “

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Netflix’s public appeal to the director of The dark knight is clear, but will it be sensitive to it? Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest defenders of movie theaters, but also of filming in film and in IMAX format. Could he sign with a platform such as Netflix, which offers its users to watch films on their televisions, but also on their computers and smartphones? Could he sign with them on the condition of imposing a release on the big screen in parallel with the posting of his next film on Netflix? And if so, will this type of negotiation be possible everywhere, knowing that the media chronology is very different depending on the country (in France, for example, a film shown on the big screen cannot be offered in streaming before long months). Christopher Nolan has already been very critical of Netflix, in the past, before toning down a bit.

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Scott Stuber’s call of the foot falls in any case at an opportune moment in his career. Following the semi-failure Tenet (the first blockbuster to be released worldwide during the Covid-19 pandemic, at the end of summer 2020) and to the decision of the Warner Bros to release its films in parallel with the cinema and in streaming, on HBO Max, Christopher Nolan is said to be ready to leave the studio, who had produced all of his last films (the trilogy Dark knight, but also Interstellar Where Dunkirk). If he leaves the company because of their more flexible policy on streaming, it is hard to imagine him joining Netflix in the wake … The ball is in his court!

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