Netflix will force its films and series teams to be vaccinated

It is the first Hollywood studio to make such a request.

As with us, the Delta variant is boosting cases of contamination in the United States. The pandemic is not yet over and it is therefore more and more urgent to be vaccinated. Netflix should therefore require very soon that the actors and members of production teams working on its films and series are all systematically vaccinated, Variety ad.

It would be the first Hollywood studio to make such a request, which would affect the actors, as well as the people on the team in “zone A”, ie those who come into direct contact with the actors. Netflix would put that in place for all of its productions in the United States. A directive of colossal scope, therefore.

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It follows an agreement signed last week between Hollywood unions and major studios, which inaugurates new protocols that now allow producers to implement mandatory vaccination policies, production by production.

It will be recalled that Sean Penn recently refused to resume filming of his new series, Gaslit, with Julia Roberts, until everyone on set is vaccinated.

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