Netflix will start playing video games for its subscribers

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A new service, which shouldn’t cost a dime more …

All ideas are good to stand out from the competition and try to attract / keep subscribers! Netflix has therefore been considering including a video game component in its offer for a while. The development of a service which will take time, but which is clearly moving forward!

Wishing to hire an executive from the world of video games to oversee this new ambition, Netflix has officially signed Mike Verdu, a former member of Electronic Arts (where he was senior vice-president of EA Mobile) and Facebook.

A first step towards video games Netflix, according to Bloomberg who reports the info. Verdu will have the status of vice president of game development, reports the financial site which specifies that, according to its sources, “the idea is to offer video games on the Netflix streaming platform by next year“.

How much more will it cost? Obviously nothing. Video games Netflix will be included in the current rates, offered as a new genre of programming. “The company does not currently plan to charge extra for this content.“comments this source to Bloomberg. An innovation that has already borne fruit: Netflix shares took 3% on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday.

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