New agreement between Canal Plus and French cinema: the broadcasting window is reduced from 9 to 6 months

And the channel is committed to investing 600 million euros in European cinema until 2024.

The new media chronology will be negotiated on February 10, but before that date, Canal + has just obtained some progress concerning its own broadcasting system. On this Thursday, December 2, the UGC Normandie in Paris signed an agreement between the group and the organizations representing the sector (Blic, Bloc and ARP). This includes the reduction by three months of the screening window of a film released in theaters on the encrypted channel, but also on the myCanal site. Until now established at nine months, it will now be six, and is accompanied by exclusive rights for Canal + of nine months minimum, extendable to sixteen months for certain films with the second window of diffusion. Concretely, a film released in theaters in January can be broadcast in encrypted form from June and continue to be shown on the channel and myCanal for the following nine months before being offered on streaming platforms and then on television.

This reduction in the time between a theatrical release and a broadcast on TV is a breakthrough in the media timeline, even though the group had originally requested only a three or four month wait, not six.

Media chronology: Canal + wants to broadcast the films three to four months after their release

The other important element of this agreement is the promise to invest up to 600 million euros in French and European film production until 2024, this sum being tacitly renewable for the following years. The choice of this flat-rate formula “would thus decorrelate these funds from the commercial performance of the channels, whether in terms of turnover or guaranteed minimum per subscriber, as provided for in the previous agreement of 2018”, precise French Film. The site also specifies that it does not count the current investments, estimated at 60 million euros, “neither the obligations of the free channels of the Canal + group, nor the investments of the Studiocanal subsidiary, and does not include litigation either”. The press release published by the group finally provides “a better capacity for exhibition and circulation of works on the cinema channels of the Canal + group as well as on myCanal.”

This regulatory amendment is signed a few weeks before the adoption of the new media chronology, which has been under discussion for several months and must be validated on February 10. The press release reminds that the leaders of the Canal + group want “This agreement comes into force as quickly as possible and secures the financing of the sector on a long-term basis.” The new broadcast window will then be announced for free TV channels, but also for streaming services, SVàD platforms being taken into account in decisions affecting the chronology of the media since this summer (the Smad decree entered effective July 1).

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