New American Medical Series Is Called Good Sam: Trailer

Good sam

Jason Isaacs and Sophia Bush, father and daughter in conflict over their vision of medicine and residents.

Maybe you are still addicted to Grey’s Anatomy. And that during your Wednesday evenings you are glued to TF1 and New Amsterdam. That you are also fully in Good doctor. And The Resident has no secrets for you. Good news: a new medical series has been added to the pile.

The American channel CBS today unveils the trailer for Good sam, which will be worn by a duo of father-daughter surgeons, embodied by Sophia bush (One tree hill) and Jason isaacs (The OA).

Sam is a woman, a very talented but suffocated cardiac surgeon, who graciously takes on a new managerial position in her hospital after her well-known but bossy boss, Dr Rob Griffith, falls into a coma. Except that when he wakes up, he wants to resume his post. But things changed and Sam took over. She is therefore retained to supervise him. And of course, Rob is none other than Sam’s father …

Good medical drama as we like them. Michael Stahl-David, Edwin Hodge, Davi Santos, Skye P. Marshall and Omar Maskati complete the cast. Good sam will be launched on January 5, 2022 on American television.

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