New Dragon Ball Super Movie Title Mocked By Akira Toriyama

The “Super” is perhaps a bit repetitive…

In April, Japan will discover Goku’s next adventure in the cinema. A new film with a slightly strange title: Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero ! What arouse some mockery on the networks and even Akira Toriyama admits that it is not very happy as a title:

“Hello everyone, I’m Akira Toriyama, the original author of Dragon Ball. It’s true that the upcoming anime movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has a bit of a repetitive title, with too many “Super”, but you should definitely enjoy it anyway!” comments Toriyama in the latest issue of V Jump magazine.

“This time too I did the story, the dialogues and some of the character designs, but more importantly the animation this time is amazing! At this point I have only seen a few images, but I I was really impressed. I can’t wait for the movie to come out.”

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