New electric images in the new Sonic 2 trailer

The little hedgehog butts heads with Knuckles in the Super Bowl trailer.

Here it is again sonic ! After a first trailer that introduced Knuckles, Paramount released last night during the Super Bowl a new trailer for sonic 2, which gives pride of place to the fight between SEGA’s little blue hedgehog and its muscular red rival…

For the first time in his life, sonic will face an adversary at his height: the all-powerful Knuckles, which gamers know well. As in the video games, he will first appear as the great rival of the title hero, working with the terrible Dr. Robotnik, still played by a Jim Carrey in full love.

Corn sonic will also be able to count on a new ally. Certainly, James Marsden will be back in the cast to support him. But above all, the hedgehog will have a new magical companion, with Tails the two-tailed fox, another video game character – seen at the end of the first part – who therefore arrives in this sequel as well.

sonic 2 will be officially released on April 6, 2022 in cinemas in France.

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