New fun and colorful trailer for Red Alert, the new Pixar!

The story of Mei Lee, a teenager who turns into a giant red panda …. Hard to go to college!

In the wake of Luca and Drunk, Pixar is preparing its 25th film. Disney Animation Studio to be released in March 2022 Red alert, a funny tale inspired by Asian culture, which promises to be as funny as it is tender, judging by this fast-paced new trailer, to the sound of NSYNC: “It’s Gonna Be Me!”

The story : Thirteen-year-old Mei Lee, a self-confident and cheesy teenager, torn between her desire to remain an obedient young girl and the chaos of puberty. Her mother, Ming, protective even slightly intrusive, is never far from her, much to the teenager’s despair. And as if the changes that take place, emotional and physical, were not enough, when she gets too excited, in other words all the time, she turns into a giant red panda!

Directed by Winner Domee, to whom we owe the short film by Pixar Bao, crowned by an Oscar, Red alert will be worn at the VO casting by the young Rosalie Chiang and by Sandra Oh (in the role of her mother).

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