New monumental Dune trailer

“Dreams make great stories…” Three and a half minutes of madness to discover the blockbuster of the year.

That’s it: the promo of Dune Light the fire. After a series of posters presenting the characters, and new making of images unveiled yesterday, Warner has posted a new trailer online. Denis Villeneuve’s film, which adapts the first half of the first novel (everyone follows?) Of Frank Herbert’s masterful SF cycle, undoubtedly promises to be one of the cinema events of 2021. Even the last decades: because since the unloved film by David Lynch in 1984, and the TV mini-series in 2000 and 2003, we finally expect a vision of cinema at the height of Dune. With an incredible cast (Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Dave Bautista, Rebecca Ferguson…) and at the helm the director of Prisoners, Sicario, First contact and Blade Runner 2049, it seems assured. So, this new trailer? It plays much less the card of mysticism than the first one, and emphasizes the sci-fi blockbuster aspect with some well-felt punchlines dropped by Jason Momoa and Josh Brolin (“I’m smiling, there”) . And the visual ambition seems really immense: difficult to list the money shots that are full of this trailer, as the Spice permeates Arrakis. But more than anything, it’s Zendaya’s presence in this trailer that impresses. OK, it’s a necessity for Warner to put her forward for the promo – her role of Chani is more developed in the second and third novels of the cycle – but it really looks like Dune opens up a new world to the actress.

Dune will premiere on September 3 at the Venice Film Festival, and the film will be released on September 15 in France.

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