New West Side Story video: Steven Spielberg wants you to dance

The filmmaker rekindles tensions between Jets and the Sharks.

Steven Spielberg had created the event at the Oscars 2021, by unveiling the trailer for his new film, a re-adaptation of West Side Story. A few months later, a new teaser video is unveiled in VOST, which you can discover below:

the West Side Story 1961 – the original and one of the best-known films in the history of cinema – is already an adaptation of the musical of the same name from 1957, itself based on Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Romeo and Juliet. Spielberg therefore launches a sizeable bet by re-adapting this monument of the seventh art, which will stage Ansel Elgort (charged with sexual assault last year), Rachel Zegler, Rita Moreno and more. The filmmaker has other projects, since he is considering an autobiographical film around his childhood, in which Michelle Williams will play a character inspired by her mother.

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The film will normally hit theaters on December 8, 2021. In case you missed it, the trailer is available below:

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