Nicolas Becker (Sound of Metal) reveals the secrets of cinema sound on Arte

The sound artist deciphers his work, shortly after his Oscar, for Tracks.

Last April, Oscar voters rewarded the sound engineer Nicolas becker, French technician, for his work on the film by Darius marder Sound of Metal. A feature film carried by Ahmed Rice who plays there the character of Ruben, a drummer who has become deaf. The sound is crucial, since this man passionate about music hears a perpetual buzz, difficult to imagine for people without hearing problems.

A genius engineer, Nicolas Becker therefore left the USA with the famous statuette, which is added to the Caesar received while he is a noise maker on Hate de Kassovitz, aged 25. Now, with another 26 years of experience, Becker returns to the show Tracks de Arte on his journey and reveals the secrets of sound system of the cinema, by explaining the sounds of the highlights of his filmography: The fires of love in its early days, then Gravity, First contact and of course Sound of Metal.

Coconuts, endives, whales and swallows: everything around it is subject to be recorded and used in a film. A process that he explains in Tracks and who says more about the making of cinema:

As a reminder, Sound of Metal was released in France on June 16, 2021. It was about Ruben and Lou, living on the fringes of cities in their caravan, crisscrossing the United States between two concerts. While his girlfriend screams into the microphone, Ruben sets his drums on fire. But one day he only hears a muffled buzz. The doctor’s diagnosis is final: Ruben suffers from hearing loss and will soon be deaf. Anxiety and depression lurk in him as his past addictions resurface. The couple will have to make a difficult decision, which will jeopardize their future. His trailer:

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