Nicolas Cage dreams of working with Chris Nolan, Ari Aster, Robert Eggers and Spike Lee

The actor would also like to play Captain Nemo, because like Jules Verne’s character, he loves the ocean.

Soon back at the cinema with A talent in solid golda movie “meta” in which he plays with his own image, Nicholas Cage took part in a session this weekend Reddit, during which he answered questions from Internet users with humor and honesty. Absent from social networks, the actor of Flip/Face took advantage of this event to speak directly to his fans, evoking both his highs and his flops, or detailing his favorite roles, within his own career or whether they are inspirations. For example, he loves his character in Pigand dreams of playing Captain Nemo, because he “shares with this Jules Verne character the same love of the oceans”.

Nicolas Cage would also like to shoot for a handful of directors with whom he has not yet collaborated. “I would like to work with Chris Nolan, he reveals. With Ari Aster also. As well as Robert Eggers. And Spike Lee.” Already in 2019, he was explaining about the director of Midsommar : “In my eyes, Ari is an event. If you look Heredity and Midsommar, there’s so much that comes through in it. They are unique works, but we realize that they come from one and the same mind. He’s a real movie analyst.”

Nicolas Cage explains that he chained the DTV to pay his debts

Before knowing if this public appeal will be heard by the creator of Midsommarbut also those ofInceptionof The Witch or of BlackKklansmanNicolas Cage is currently shooting in Renfield, a horror comedy where he plays Dracula opposite Nicholas Hoult as a butler, which gives the film its title. He must then find his uncle Francis Ford Coppola for a small role in the feature film of his dreams, Megalopolisin which the filmmaker is ready to invest 120 million dollars out of pocket.

Here is the trailer forA talent in solid goldwhich will be released in theaters on April 20:

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