Nicolas Cage explains that he chained the DTV to pay his debts

But the actor assumes all his roles!

Nicholas Cage has played for the greatest directors, from the Coen brothers to David Lynch, including Martin Scorsese, John Woo, Michael Bay and Ridley Scott. In 1996, he even won the Oscar for best actor for his role in Leaving Las Vegas, by Mike Figgis. So how do you explain that he became a direct-to-video specialist in the mid-2010s, after suffering a few flops in theaters, such as The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Ghost Rider 2 ?

On sale for A talent in solid goldfor once a real good cinema film which will be released in France on April 20, Nic Cage has entrusted to GQ magazine that he simply had debts to pay, and big family responsibilities. Yet he was at the head of a fortune estimated at 150 million dollars in his heyday! “I had all these creditors plus taxes on my back, and I was spending $20,000 on my own trying to keep my mom out of the mental hospital, and I couldn’t. It all hit me at once“.

Refusing to go bankrupt, the actor therefore chained the DTV, knowing that the big studios no longer contacted him to offer him roles (“how come we don’t do Benjamin Gates 3?“). He nevertheless assures that he believed in all the films in which he acted. “When I was shooting four films a year, shooting one after the other, I still had to find something to hold onto to give it my all. Some were great, like Mandy, some didn’t work out. People have this misconception that I was making these films without believing it. I believed it.”

According to the GQ article, Cage ended up paying off his debts a year and a half ago, after signing for A talent in solid gold. A film where he plays himself, that of a broke actor who dreams of playing in the next Tarantino but must go to the birthday of a Mexican billionaire to bail out.

Angry with Disney, who let him down according to him, he seems to flourish today in independent cinema. “JI prefer to make movies like Pig and Leaving Las Vegas than movies like Benjamin Gates. When I’m talking about friends who aren’t there when you need them, I’m not talking about Jerry Bruckheimer. (the producer of Benjamin Gates), I’m talking about Disney. It’s like an ocean liner, once it’s launched in one direction it’s almost impossible to change course.“.

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