Nicolas Cage is very interested in Volte/Face 2

“Maybe Volte/Face 2…maybe!”

Back on the front of the stage with his Talent in solid gold, Nicholas Cage comes back these days on his career in different interviews and in the one given to ComicBookthe 58-year-old actor remembers his most significant role, that of Front/Off Where Flip/Face in French. Almost 30 years later, could John Woo’s film have a sequel?

In any case, Nicholas Cage is hot to do Flip/Face 2 : “I can talk about the sequel Flip/Face because there were phone calls with producer Neal Moritz about it. I really enjoyed working with him on the first Flip/Face. He’s really somebody, one of the real, great producers in Hollywood. I know they made a few calls. If someone talks to me about the Benjamin Gates sequel, then I think their priority was to turn the franchise into a TV series. I wish them the best. But maybe Flip/Face 2... perhaps !”

Nicolas Cage – A talent in solid gold: “People think I’m crazy”

It should be noted that a sequel project has already been in the works for more than a year with the director of Godzilla vs. Kong, Adam Wingard. “It’s a direct sequel, not a remake. I would never dare consider making a remake of Flip/Face. It’s the perfect action movie,” specified the scenario writer, who did not mention at the time the possibility of a return of John Travolta Where Nicholas Cage at the casting.

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