Nicolas Cage plays Nicolas Cage in the crazy trailer of Un talent en or solid

Hired by an eccentric billionaire played by Pedro Pascal to accomplish a funny challenge, the actor will have to call on all his madness and all his talent – unless it is about the same thing.

A talent in solid gold – which will be released in France on April 20 – has an original pitch to say the least. Judge instead: “Nicolas Cage is now an indebted actor who awaits the big role which will relaunch his career. To repay part of his debts, his agent offers him to go to the birthday of a dangerous billionaire who turns out to be his biggest fan . But the stay takes a whole different turn, when the CIA contacts him, asking him to investigate the criminal activities of his host. Nicolas Cage will have to play the role of his life and prove that he is up to his standards. own legend. “ In the role of Javi, the billionaire suspect, we find Pedro “Mandalorian” Pascal, and in that of Nicolas Cage, well … Nicolas Cage himself, who plays a parody of himself forced by his agent (Neil Patrick Harris) has to accept the worst fees to get back on the water. So let’s go for a comedy (directed by the author of the forgotten Single … or almost, 2014 trash comedy starring Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan) which obviously promises to be very meta, where the characters debate the actor’s career (Turn / face Where The Croods ? Choose your side), who over the years has become subscribed to average DTV roles (at best) but always – we insist – always fascinating, whatever the project. By the way, you’ve seen Cage’s latest film, The Adorable Pig, released at the end of October? As the actor has just accepted to embody Dracula for Universal (his first film for a big studio since Kick-Ass, at least), we tell ourselves that one of our favorite actors is getting back in shape.

Nicolas Cage to play Dracula for the creator of Walking Dead

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